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The Importance Of The Oil & Filter Service On Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT, DSG & Powershift)

Steven Kay |

This post looks at the importance of the oil and filter service for the dual clutch transmissions including Powershift, DSG & DCT. What this does, and what it also looks to prevent. We also look at some versions of the gearbox that are exempt from this service as well.

Why Does My Dual Clutch Gearbox Need A Service?

So why is it so crucial to service these transmissions, and what can happen if it is neglected? Unlike manual gearboxes, a majority of dual clutch transmissions have a wet clutch system setup. What this means is the clutch is submerged in oil and housed within the gearbox unit itself.

This automatic gearbox style setup means the clutch unit has a higher tolerance to heat and can handle high power as a result.

For a more in-depth look at the wet clutch set up, specifically the Powershift version of this clutch, take a look at our other blog post on the gearbox here.

Wet Style Dual Clutch Pack

Because the clutch system is housed within the gearbox and shares the same oil supply, it has one particular flaw. The clutch itself is a wear and tear item and will break down over time. This means the material from the clutch friction discs as well as some swarf circulates around the gearbox.

If this debris is not collected by the filters or the amount exceeds the filters' limitations, it will circulate around the gearbox entering delicate components such as the mechatronic unit. This often damages the unit causes erratic driving behaviour or complete loss of drive.

Most dual clutch transmissions with this clutch set up have two gearbox filters, an internal filter and an external one. The external filter is changed as part of the oil service and removes a portion of the debris collected from the gearbox oil. The internal filter can only be accessed by fully removing and stripping the transmission. This only occurs in the event of a fault, which requires replacement parts to be fitted, i.e. a new clutch pack.

Service Intervals

Ford Powershift

(Includes Volvo, Dodge & Chrysler)

Every 40,000 Miles/36 Months

Ford Service Price - £299* Inc VAT

Eco Torque Service Price - £215 Inc VAT


(Includes Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda)

Every 40,000 Miles/36 Months

Main Dealer Service Price - £215* Inc VAT

Eco Torque Service Price - £165 Inc VAT

* Price varies between dealerships/franchises, average price listed.

The prices listed above refer to wet clutch systems with external filters generally 2000cc and above.

Dry Clutch Powershift & DSG Service Price - £85 Inc VAT.

If you think your vehicle might be suffering from this fault and as with all gearbox issues, it is best to get it looked at straight away as it could save the customer substantial amounts on their repair bill.

Eco Torque offer an initial electronic diagnostic service with our main dealer equivalent machine. This shows us live data from the gearbox as well as a report for the customer to see the fault codes within the DSG unit. This essential first step is £90 including VAT and takes around 1 hour to complete.

All of our DSG/Powershift repairs or recons come with a 24 Month 24,000 Mile Warranty. We also offer 0% finance through Omni Capital Finance to spread the cost of the repair bill. Eco Torque can also provide courtesy cars* as well as recovery* of your vehicle.

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