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Ford Transit Gearbox Fault VXT75 MK6 & MK7 | Stiff Gear Stick

Steven Kay |

In this post we will discuss the fault with the Ford Transit models with the VXT75 5 speed front wheel drive manual transmission and how to fix it.

A common issue can occur for drivers of the MK6 & MK7 Ford Transit, which leaves them with a difficult and stiff gear selection problem. This can sometimes result in certain gears becoming totally unselectable and leaving the driver with a reduced amount of gears to work with.

Below we will discuss the issue and what causes it, the models effected and how it is resolved.

Repair Difficulty: Medium

Repair Duration: Average 4 hours

Special Tools Required: No

Who's Effected?

The fault we are discussing in this article refers specifically to the VXT75 transmission fitted on:

  • Ford Transit Mk6 2000 - 2006
  • Ford Transit Mk7 2006 - 2014

The VXT75 transmission is a front wheel drive 5 speed gearbox.

This particular fault does not effect the 5 speed rear wheel drive gearbox (MT75) or 6 speed rear wheel drive (MT82) versions.

What Are The Symptoms?

As the issue starts to progress, the gear stick becomes stiff to select gears. This can manifest more in one direction, so 1st/ 2nd may be fine, but 5th is a lot harder to select, however this is not always the case.

Eventually it is impossible to select certain gears at all, and the driver is forced to pull off in the incorrect gear or lose the ability to select other gears when needed.

What Causes The Fault?

Water Ingress. The selector section on various gearbox units can have a tendency to allow water, dirt and oil to sit on potential entry points into the gearbox. This unit suffers with this issue and over time the contamination makes it's way past the seal and allows the bearing to rust.

This causes the very small slider, ball bearing to seize up and create the drive-ability issues.

How To Repair The Fault

To rectify this issue, the selector module needs to be removed from the gearbox. This luckily, can be done with the box in situ, saving a vast amount of time compared to most gearbox repairs.

With the selector module out, the unit needs to be disassembled to remove the faulty bearing and seal. (Ref Component 1 & 2 On Image).

At this point, the module should be cleaned thoroughly and any surface rust that may have formed on the selector shaft were the bearing sits is removed. If heavy pitting has occurred it is best to replace the shaft, however the exact level at which this will cause an issue is difficult to determine.

Replacement of the bearing and seal, along with greasing moving components will ensure smooth operation on reassembly.

Reinstall the complete module and test.

Parts & Repairs

The cost to supply and fit these parts in our workshop is currently £495 Inc VAT*.

Our workshop is based at:

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01462 835335


Alternatively the parts for this repair are available below. We strongly recommend all gearbox parts are installed by an experienced professional to avoid further damage.

We are unable to provide installation guides and telephone support at this time.

*Prices correct at time of publishing, please check current price when booking in.

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