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Clutch Issue | Citroen C1-Toyota Aygo - Peugeot 107

Steven Kay |

We have recently had a few Citroen C1, Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 107 models in with a concerning clutch fault. If you are having issues at with your car at the moment, contact your local garage and have it checked immediately. Read below for more information.

Our customer came to us with trouble selecting gear, especially 1st and 2nd. They were advised from Toyota that they would need a new gearbox and clutch system. We advised them that we would look at the clutch system first as the symptoms the car was showing on our initial diagnosis seemed to be more clutch than gearbox.

Open removal of the gearbox and clutch we noticed a serious failure of the pressure plate on the clutch. The rivets on the pressure plate had failed on two points and resulted in the plate coming apart. If the plate had got caught or come away completely, the force of the momentum from the engine could have ejected this plate out of the gearbox and caused serious damage.

The new clutch pressure plate has larger rivets which should stop this from happening in the future.

The image above shows the failed clutch pressure plate on the Toyota Aygo. In the rear of the picture you can see the new plate which is completely flat in comparison.

Clear difference between the new and old friction plate on the Toyota Aygo.

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