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Fiat Gearbox Faults & Fixes | 5 Speed Manual C514.5 | Punto, 500 & More

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In this post we will discuss the common Fiat gearbox faults including other manufacturers and models with the C514.5 5-speed front wheel drive manual transmission and how to fix it.

The 5 speed Fiat gearbox known as the C514.5 is one of the most common gearboxes on the road. The unit has found itself on most Fiat models as well as Alfa Romeo, Lancia and even the Ford KA. The sheer number of these on the road means that common issues are well documented, but more importantly are able to be repaired.

Repair Difficulty: Medium

Repair Duration: Average 6 hours

Special Tools Required: Basic Gearbox Rebuilding Tools

Who's Effected?

The fault we are discussing in this article refers specifically to the C514.5 transmission fitted on:

  • Alfa Romeo
  • Fiat
  • Ford
  • Lancia

The C514.5 transmission is a front wheel drive 5 speed gearbox.

This particular gearbox will share identical faults with the 6 speed version (C514.6) as well as other previous variants like C510 and so on.

Fiat Gearbox Faults | Bearing Failure

The most common fault that we see with this gearbox is bearing failure, most notably the input shaft bearing. This fault is not uncommon for most gearboxes and doesn't necessarily mean the transmission isn't reliable. However there are a fair few instances were this fault on this particular transmission would be classed as premature.

A set of bearings, should really last 100,000+ miles. There are exceptions to this and how the vehicle is driven and other factors will play a crucial role.

Bearing Failure Symptoms:

  • Audible Whine or Grinding Sound
  • Fluid Leaking Under Vehicle
  • Loss Of Drive
  • Difficult To Change Gear

As mentioned, the most common Fiat gearbox fault with bearings we see on the C514.5 is the input shaft bearing failure.

This manifests itself with an audible whine or grinding sound that will disappear when your foot is pressed on the clutch pedal.

When the wear to this bearing is very bad, the resulting movement in the input shaft will allow the gearbox oil to leak out into the bell housing (the area where the clutch sits and the mating face for the gearbox to engine) possibly causing clutch slip.

At this stage it is vital that the vehicle isn't driven any more to stop the potential dry running of the gearbox and irreparable damage from occurring.

Another common issue is caused by the differential bearings failing. This manifests itself into an audible whine, hum or droning sound when the vehicle is moving and does not disappear when the clutch pedal is depressed.

This sound can be almost identical to a wheel bearing failure so it is important to try and isolate the sound as much as possible.

C514 Input Shaft With Bearing & Seal

Gear Crunching

Another common issue on the gearbox is a crunching/grinding sound when selecting a particular gear. This is down to a worn synchromesh ring and can eventually lead to damage to the hub and gear itself.

It is important to try and deal with this fault as early as possible to avoid the additional damage and costly parts.

If synchromesh issues are present, the operation and condition of the clutch should also be thoroughly investigated, as this is the primary disengagement of drive and can be the route cause of the fault.

Reverse Gear Crunch

This is another complaint we see on the Fiat gearboxes which can be avoided, preventing costly repairs.

The unit contains a non synchronised gear for reverse, also known as a crash gear. As reverse is usually selected from a still position and often on engine start up, a non synchromesh gear design is used. This saves on cost, but does have one major draw back.

If reverse gear is selected whilst the vehicle is still rolling forward, or if it is selected immediately after pushing the clutch pedal down, the hub ring will crash into the still spinning gear.

This causes a loud grinding sound and wears down the hub ring and gear inside the transmission. This will eventually lead to failure and a loss of reverse, or further damage to the unit from the debris, created from the colliding parts.

Parts & Repairs

The cost to supply and fit the gearbox bearings in our workshop starts from £495 Inc VAT*.

Synchromesh faults are varied depending on the model and specific parts required. A strip down of the gearbox is usually required to ascertain the exact repair required.

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Alternatively the parts for this repair are available below. We strongly recommend all gearbox parts are installed by an experienced professional to avoid further damage.

We are unable to provide installation guides and telephone support at this time.

*Prices correct at time of publishing, please check current price when booking in. Price shown is for gearbox only.

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