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Dual Clutch Transmission

What is a dual clutch transmission?

This type of transmission, often mistaken for an automatic one, utilises a dual-clutch system to facilitate nearly seamless gear shifts.

With two clutches managing separate input shafts – one for odd gears, and the other for even – it ensures a highly efficient operation. This efficiency has led to its growing preference among manufacturers, often chosen over traditional automatic transmissions for various applications.

If you're uncertain whether your vehicle has an automatic or a dual-clutch transmission, contacting us can clarify this for you.

At Eco Torque, we specialize in all aspects of dual clutch transmissions, covering repairs, enhancements, and in exceptional cases, complete replacements.

For more detailed information, visit our dedicated pages for each transmission and manufacturer.

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Due to the complex nature of the dual clutch transmission, repairers must have passed relevant qualifications and testing in order to be able to buy certain replacement dual clutch components from LUK.

This means you can feel confident knowing your dct gearbox is being repaired by a competent authorised repairer with years of experience working on semi automatic transmissions.

Eco Torque can diagnose and replace both wet and dry clutch systems in the dual clutch transmissions and perform any and all adaption procedures with dealer level diagnostic equipment.


Regular maintenance on a dual clutch transmission is key to avoiding costly repairs. Many DCT faults that effect these systems can be avoided by regularly changing the gearbox fluid.

Although only the wet clutch systems have an official oil change guideline which varies from the manufacturer, after many years of repairing semi-automatic gearboxes, we can not emphasise enough the benefits of changing gearbox oil for all transmission types at regular interval periods.

We currently use OE oil or higher performance oil where possible when conducting any DCT oil change.


A humming, whirring or droning noise could be a good indication that the gearbox bearings have an issue and may require replacing.

As the dual clutch transmissions are both manual and automatic gearboxes at the same time, bearing failure can be an issue that can be repaired with our extensive re-manufacturing background.

Full bearing rebuilds are available as a standalone service or can be done at the same time as clutch pack changes, should it be required.


This unit is the brain of the gearbox. The unit comes under many different names including, TCM (Transmission Control Module), Mechatronic Unit and TCU (Transmission Control Unit). It controls all gearbox functions to deliver a smooth and efficient drive.​

However, with such a complex piece of hardware, the units sometimes experience faults with solenoids and other components.

These can usually be repaired at a fraction of the cost compared to a new unit.

Eco Torque currently has various repair options for many of the most common mechatronic units and can facilitate the removal,  repair and re-installation of repaired units.


Eco Torque is able to offer essential manufacturer software updates to certain models of the dual clutch transmissions.

These updates can extend the lifespan of the gearboxes as well as cure various faults that effect each unit. This also means you can have main dealership service without main dealer prices.


Unfortunately there are certain situations were it is uneconomical to repair a customers dual clutch transmission and the only option is to replace the entire unit.​

We can still help our customers in this situation and will still provide huge savings compared to main dealer prices.​

Please call for availability on the units below.