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DQ380/DQ381/DQ500 (BOSCH VERSIONS) 0BH/0BT/0DL/0DE/0GC P1735 / P1736 Clutch Postion

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A very common issue we see here at Eco Torque's workshop, is the Clutch Postion Sensor failing intermittently, with gearbox failure warings on the dashboard.

The article below will list some of the faults and symptoms relating to this issue and the parts required to rectify the fault.

In this article we are going to look at the faults that occur specifically with the mechatronics circuit board and what that translates to in real world scenarios.

The board itself fails internally and can not be repaired itself, however luckily this is a well known issue and has a set of replacement parts available to get the vehicle back on the road.

  • Fault Codes & Symptoms
  • Repairing the TCU
Fault Codes & Symptoms

The issues caused by a failing mechatronic circuit board on the 0B5 can cause some very distinctive symptoms and fault codes.

Common Symptoms

Fault Codes Present/Logged:

  • The transmission shudders when driving
  • Or The message “Gearbox Malfunction” appears in the instrument cluster
  • Or The message "Gearbox in emergency operation" appears in the instrument cluster
  • Or The gearbox only works in emergency operation (Limp Home Mode). Driving is only possible in gears 1-3-5-7 or 2-4-6.

Workshop findings:

  • One or more of the customer statements can be reproduced
  • One or both of the following DTCs may be stored in the transmission control module (TCM), J217 (address word 0002): DTC P173500 (position sender for clutch 1, electric fault) with symptom code 10666.
  • And/or DTC P173600 (position sender for clutch 2, electric fault) with symptom code 10668
Repairing the TCU

*It is essential this repair is completed by an experienced professional.*

The problem is on of the pressure/position sensor on the TCU of the mechatronic unit. Main dealers only option is replacing the whole mechatronic unit which can be costly.

Here at Eco torque we can rectify the fault by repairing the TCU by replacing the position sensor that are hardwired into the TCU. Once replaced we refit the mechatronic unit and replace any external filters and transmission oil. After the repair of the TCU we then carry out Basic Settings of the transmission to learn the new clutch pressure/position.

A more in depth step by step guide on replacing the board will be available to purchase from Eco Torque at a later date.

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